Anonymous asked:

Serious question: why do you hate Allie so much?

talleyyo answered:

I’m only doing this once, so everybody who wants to know listen up. I actually didn’t hate her at first. I liked Allie as a player in 2013, when she got all of her cards. I’m know to be pretty physical on the field so I just felt that I could relate to her. But then I saw that her physicality was actually dangerous to a player whereas mine wasn’t- I was just being aggressive. I also think I only liked her because she was friends with Tobin (and Alex but I see her more as Tobin’s friend).

So once I started to dislike her style of play, I just started to like her solely because she was a friend of Alex and Tobin’s. Then the whole articles and name dropping came out and that made me stop liking her because she was friends with Alex and Tobin. She was just using them and it ticked me off.

When Allie started to get the USWNT call ups, I didn’t like it right away. I didn’t like her physicality and I did not favor her playing style over the other midfielders. For a rookie, I personally would rather have Tymrak get called up. (I became a Tymrak fan throughout this). After watching Allie play a couple games with the WNT, I knew I did not like her playing at such a high level. (“But she’s from UNC and you like UNC”…. wrong. She originally went to Penn State and graduated from UNC. I see that as a move to try and make herself more well know and so she can say she played with some high class players). Anyway, when she kept getting called up over players who I thought deserved to be called up (Tymrak, Mewis, etc) I thought it was ridiculous and that’s really when she went on my bad side.

And I hate to admit it but she also started to piss me off because she includes herself in EVERY THING Tobin and Alex do. It’s disgusting. They can’t do one God damn thing as friends or even alone without her tagging along. A great example is Alex’s ice bucket challenge. And just because they are “Portland buddies” does not mean they have to be WNT buddies. Yes, I’m being bitter because she’s blocking Talley. Hence my freaking tumblr name.

So that’s why I hate Allie Long. You may disagree with everything, you may agree with everything. But I personally don’t care. It’s my opinion and you shouldn’t get your panties in a bunch over it.


Finally someone said it.